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Order can be learned

"Je wohler sich Menschen in ihrem Zuhause fühlen und sich dort entfalten können, desto besser wird die Welt da draußen für alle."

Which topics move your customers or members? In which area do you need support? Whether in general, "How to achieve tidyness" or specifically focused on one area , such as "a lean and happy wardrobe" - as an organizing expert, I'll tell you how it works.


The following basic structure can be adapted entirely to your needs:


  1. Tidyness & emotions

  2. Goals & desires as motivators

  3. Reasons for disorder

  4. Creating order vs. Keeping order

  5. Task and time management

  6. Inventory

  7. Decision-making

  8. Systematization

  9. Optimization

  10. Developing and implementing routines

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upcoming events

03.10.2021 VHS Schopfheim "Ordnung zuhause" (GER) register online

06.05.2021 VHS Bad Säckingen  "Ordnung zuhause" (GER)  not only yet


past events

23.02.2021 Brownbag der Startup Academy Lörrach

22.10.2020 VHS Bad Säckingen

03.07.2020Family Center Schopfheim

31.07.2020 Family Center Schopfheim

21.02.2020 Nellie Nashorn Lörrach


Deine Anfrage

Schreib mir gerne eine Email in der du mir kurz - falls du das schon weißt - folgende Eckpunkte nennst:

  • Hauptanliegen der Teilnehmer

  • Zielgruppe und Teilnehmerzahl

  • Veranstaltungsort und Wunschdatum

  • gewünschter zeitlicher Umfang

  • Format z.B. Workshop, Vortrag, Brownbag (Impulsvortrag 60 Minuten), Schulung

Alle Vorträge - und die meisten Workshops - sind auch online realisierbar. 

Organization workshops

Selbst erarbeitete Inhalte für mehr Ordnung im Team bleiben im Kopf und führen zur gemeinsamen erfolgreichen Umsetzung

Different players in the team have different requirements for organization. Whether for your company or your association: self-developed content for more order in the team stays in the head and leads to a collective and successful implementation.


My workshops follow this basic structure:


  1. Organizational culture in the company

  2. Identification of hot spots

  3. Advantages of order for the individual, the team, the company

  4. Choosing the right organization system

  5. Establishment of competence teams

  6. On-site work in defined work zones

  7. Development of rules that everyone can agree to

  8. Overcoming your weaker self - cycles and methods for maintenance

"Feeling comfortable in your own four walls" was a very competent lecture. The topic was funny, sensitive and very committed. I had already done some research, but I learned a lot again and can implement what I have heard very well. Many thanks.


Cornelia, Schopfheim

Thank you for the great talk at Nellie Nashorn! It was very entertaining, interesting and diverting! For almost every tidiness problem there were good tips that are easy to implement so that everyone could take something with them!


Lisa, Waldshut

I found it very exciting and Sarah had a lot I took home with me.
I felt that I was in very good hands and felt understood.
I can absolutely recommend "the small drawer" if, for example, you simply need some support and a first push!


Jaschka, Basel

Dear Sarah, thank you very much for this informative and helpful seminar in everyday life. Thanks to your great tips and suggestions, we are now structured and motivated to clean up and air out.


Eike, Rheinfelden

Great and well-directed presentation with lots of tips and tricks. Everyone could take something (different) with them. For myself, I now have a good approach where I can bring more structure and order into the office / laundry / everything room in order to be able to work with more concentration. Thank you so much!


Iris, Basel

Marketing events

Schaffe Erlebnisse die deine Kunden in ihrem Alltag erfolgreich anwenden und deswegen allen davon erzählen werden

How can you ensure that your customers keep talking about you?


Imagine your company teaches your customers how they can use your products and services even better. They will have more fun with it in the future and take this positive experience home with them. As a trained event manager , such marketing events are a home run for me.


Topic inspirations:


In your boutique: a lean and happy wardrobe

In your kitchen studio:heart of your home - efficiency in the kitchen

In your office: papers easily under control

In the yoga studio: order inside and out - in harmony with your surroundings

Family center / kindergarten: Child-friendly and tidy: the children's room

Craft guild: Fascinate your customers with your workshop

In your cosmetic studio: make-up - favorite pieces or shelf warmer


All lectures - and most of the workshops - can also be held online.

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