I am sarah


As a Professional Organizer  ( blog article: Wie und warum ich  Ordnungscoach wurde) I support people in finding their individual order - again. For structured living, efficient work and a relaxed life.


In doing so, I do not rely on a fixed system that I impose on you, but rather draw on a wide variety of methods, tips and tricks on how to let go, and how order remains even when our collaboration ends.


Focussing on your goals and desires , I accompany you and help you to find your own order. And of course I'll tackle.

Having lived abroad a couple of months (Canda, eh) I am confident to help you as a first or also second language englisch speaker. Wheter you came as an expat, moved here for the love of your life or other reasons. We'll settle you in.



My values

Working with what is there

Wherever possible, I try to work with what is already there or to repurpose other things. But also with you I look what is already there. I want to find out what already works well for you, how you “tick” when it comes to order, because:

Keep it simple!

If a system or a process is too complicated, or if it does not fit into your perception and your work style, you will fail. Order must be simple, suit you, be easy for you, be implementable in your everyday life. It doesn't have to look perfect. It has to work for you!

Your home - your choices

I want to support you to develop fully in your home. When working together, I observe, ask questions, take a different perspective, give impulses, make suggestions. The decision for or against something is always up to you.


Much of what we part with can still bring joy to someone else. I will help you to find the right next station for your things in their life cycle. But sustainable work is also important to me in our collaboration. The goal is achieved if you can do without my help. A good coach coaches himself away.

Strength support

We're all really good at some things and not that good at others. The need for help with keeping things tidy is not a dilemma. Others treat themselves to a fitness coach, a cleaner, a gardener - what's in it? Getting help and motivation from outside and thus committing to your goals is a strength. Once the chaos is eliminated, you can focus your energy on your strengths.



Since July 2020, full-time self-employed as a Professional Organizer

In July 2017 founding of "Die kleine Schublade"

Administrator of the network #DieOrdnungscoaches DA-CH



Marketing director, organizational developer and trainer Gloria-Theater

Event manager and marketing director Events Henslerhof

Assistant to the Producer European Star Cinema and Sunvision Filmateilier



State-approved event manager

State-approved makeup artist (SFX)


You can find my entire professional history on LinkedIn .



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