Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Ordnungsberatung Haushalt

I am embarrassed about my mess. I would like help, but I'm embarrassed to show you how I live right now.

Time and again I experience how different ideas and wishes are in the area of order - and also how some people measure themselves against the wrong standards. For some it is enough to know where things are, for others everything has to be sorted and organized according to a certain system, others have developed their own system that works for them and is hardly transparent for others.


The aim of my clean-up advice is to create an order that works for you: your order. My idea of order has no place there and - just like that of all other people - definitely differs from yours. Please do not tidy up before my visit, because this is the only way you can show me and we can find out together what is causing you difficulties in finding and maintaining your order.

I would like to give away a voucher. Is that possible?

Of course I am happy if you find my offer that good that you want to give it away.


However, I only accept assignments from people who have decided on a session with me. A supervised tidying up and reorganization of households of other people does not correspond to my work ethic: ("Everyone can only decide about his own belongings").


So you have to be sure that the person receiving the gift does not see your well-intentioned voucher as an attack but is actually happy about it. Jackpot? Then write me a message with your desired amount and your billing address.

I want order advice. But my partner / other family members don't see the investment.

Would the other participants give a free initial discussion ta try? First of all, I could talk to you alone about why you would like order advice in order to better understand your goals and wishes. Afterwards, we could talk to everyone involved about the effects and chances of an order consultation for you as a family. We talk openly about desires and concerns. Often everyone's wishes are the same - only the fear of the unknown and the change is different.


I know someone who could use your help. This person's apartment is absolute chaos!

A difficult situation - you might want to jump back to the question above. The perception of order and demands on a home differ greatly from person to person. Does this person want a different order? Have you ever talked about it? If nothing in this direction was addressed by this person, I would hold back in your place. This is an extremely sensitive topic and can quickly become hurtful to that person.


If this person has ever mentioned that they would like help, then I would be happy if you tell him or her about my offer and possibly refer to my website - maybe you will hit the mark.


If you are worried that a person in your environment suffers from a disorder of valuation ("messie syndrome"), I would ask you to inform yourself here and under the further links before you do anything.

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