Are you?

  • overwhelmed by countless to-do's

  • consumed by all of the things around you

  • unsure of making the right decisions

  • haphazardly guessing where to start

  • helpless to tackle your cleanup project

  • overwhelmed at the scope of your cleanup project

  • in a continuous loop, as hardly any difference can be seen, even after your cleanup

  • frustrated because you think "I have to do this on my own!"

I can:

  • Set priorities with you

  • ask the right questions to help you make decisions

  • create a realistic schedule with you who

  • drive success for your cleanup project

  • motivate and strengthen you!

  • help objectively but emphatically from the outside, without any sentimental reference to your things

  • assist, because you do not have to do it all alone! 

Free initial consultation

Whether you are interested in on-site consultation or online consultation , the initial consultation remains free in any case. We get to know each other on the phone or via video chat. You tell me where you would like support, if you want you can send me photos in advance or you give me a virtual tour. We'll see if the chemistry is right and you can ask any questions about our collaboration. The conversation is non-binding and does not commit you to a subsequent booking.


I'm looking forward to our conversation!